Soups & Sides

  • Seafood Soup $6.99

    Our Seafood Soup is like no one's soup around Jacksonville, it does have a little kick to it. But you can ask to tone it down a little bit.

  • Minestrone Soup $3.49

    Our version of thick vegetable soup containing herbs and bits of pasta.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup $4.99

    There's no opening a can here, we make our Chicken Noodle soup fresh per order!

  • Milano’s Meatball or Sausage Sides $5.99

    Choose from one of our delicious sides of Meatball or Sausage to accompany with one of your entrée. Or just have it as an appetizer.

  • Fries $3.99

    Why not pair it up with our Chicken Fingers, you know it's a must!

  • Alfredo Sauce $3.99

    Just in case if your wondering, we make our alfredo sauce per order.